September 2008




Maryi Barahona rejoins G-Volution after returning from Panama!  Welcome back, Maryi! Maryi


G-Volution is working on a handful of "still- secret projects"....but don't worry, we'll tell ya soon!

August 2008



















Assistant Director of G-Volution, Leslea Clark, started an online network for New Jersey Dancers!  AND, a group for G-Volution Fans!

Visit New Jersey Dancers

Inspired by Leslea, Graziella followed her lead and created Dance New York, the sister- network for all who love dance in New York!

Visit Dance New York

Graziella also created two other networks---> check out her personal site for more info

July 17, 2008














Graziella Baratta, director/choreographer of G-Volution was crowned Ms. United States 2008!
Ms United States 2008
See her official site at www.MsUnitedStates08.com and read her story on the G-Blog

June 21, 2008


























G-Volution performed at the Make Music New York Festival in Midtown Manhattan
Read more about our exciting event on the G-Blog
Our awesome logo T-Shirts were created and sponsored by Untuckable.com!   Untuckable is a brand- new apparel company that not only designs one of a kind T-shirts, but other merchandise as well. You can even create your own design, and get a portion of the profits if they sell it!

See How we Rocked New York that day!

~by Angel Sanchez, of course ;-)

June 10, 2008


















G-Volution held a Master Class (Hip Hop Cardio/Dance) at Kings Court, in Lyndhurst NJ
Read the G-Blog for details on GV Workout.

June 8, 2008














G-Volution did a guest- performance at the Vicki Studio Annual Dance Recital in West Nyack NY mardigras
Read the G-Blog for details on this event!
June 3, 2008

GV filmed their demo as the "New G-Volution" with Angel Sanchez

Check out the 2008 Demo

May 2008


G-Volution had their first photo shoot with David K ...see our photos page, including all major pics on each page for David's awesome work!

Check Out PUTTIN' ON THE G, our Original Musical

Read The G-Blog



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